Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Zafar Bhatti blasphemy accused is perfectly fine, says his wife Nawab Bibi

By – Shamim Masih
ISLAMABAD: Zafar Bhatti accused of blasphemy case confined in the Central Jail Adiala Rawalpindi, is perfectly fine and fit, says his wife Nawab Bibi after visiting him the jail on September 29, 2014. She is thankful to Tahir Naveed Chaudhar, Chairman Pakistan Minorities Alliance – PMA and Basharat Khokhar, Right Activist for arranging their visit to Adayal Jail.
According to the details; there was rumored that Zafar Bhatti victim of the 295-C imprisoned in Adayla Jail was attacked after the attack of Muhammad Asghar, another blasphemy victim in the same premises. A police constable named Yousaf attacked on Muhammad Asghar on September 25, 2014; he received gunshot and was taken to the hospital and still under treatment. Since then there were unverified reports and Zafar’s family was worried about him.
Group photo out side the Adayla Jail, Rwp 
Early morning on 29th September, Tahir Naveed Chaudhary chairman PMA and Basharat Khokhar took Nawab Bibi and Nasreen Bibi and went to see Blasphemy victim Pastor Zafar Bhatti. They met them in the jail and found him in good health. Tahir Naveed Chaudhay who has been attorney to Rimsha (a minor girl, victim of blasphemy) said it was first visit after the speculations and after the fact finding we decided to take care of the family and the case as well. PMA has decided to provide assistance to the family and legal aid for the accused. Basharat Khokhar, member civil society said that I voluntarily assist to the persecuted because I have faced the same charges. Human rights champions work it as business but I am a passionate to save the beleaguered community.
Nawab Bibi wife of the Zafar Bhatti supported Basharat Khokhar and said that he been helping us since the case is registered. Joseph Francis came to us and had photo session, he also provided us assistance of Rs. 5000/ twice, she answered when asked about the CLAAS assistance provision. Nasreen Bibi sister of Zafar Bhatti said he is least bother to solve the case and seems interested to prolong the case for his vested interest. That is the reason he uses delay tact’s in the case. Both females showed their confidence on these gentlemen.
The group came to my house after their meeting with Zafar Bhatti in the jail.  
Persecution against religious minorities is very common in Pakistan. But it is observed that some human rights champion without realizing the pain of the victims play with the life of the poor Christian families.        

Friday, 26 September 2014

CLAAS has nothing to do with Zafar Bhatti case, says Basharat Khokhar

ISLAMABAD: (Shamim Masih) – Centre for Legal Aid Assistance & Settlement – CLAAS has nothing to do with Zafar Bhatti case, said Basharat Khokhar and Khalid Shahzad. CLAAS chief had photo session with his family but had done nothing to save his skin.
Basharat Khokhar seen during Rimsha case
According to the details, since the incident of Asghar Ali victim of blasphemy case was shot by the police constable within the premises of Central Jail Adayla Rawalpindi; CLAAS reported about this case and claimed that the said organization is dealing with Zafar Bhatti’s case; blasphemy accused is safe in Adayla Jail. But Basharat Khokhar and Khalid Shahzad, social activists rejected CLAAS and said that CLAAS is no more with Zafar Bhatti’s case. Basharat told that CLAAS chief went to his family and had photo session but is not dealing with his case. He claimed that his lawyer Parvaiz Khan is his attorney and dealing actually with his case.
Khalid Shahzad creating Interfaith Harmony
Khalid Shahzad social activist said that CLAAS is habitual in misleading the people, this organization is not doing anything on the ground. CLAAS is neither dealing with Sawan Masih nor Asia bibi case but claiming unfairly about the both cases. He said CLAAS is wasting funds paying bribe and in other activities but not doing anything for the good of Christians in the country. During Sawan Masih case, CLAAS chief took pictures with Sawan and his family using unfair means, he added.
On the hand, when I asked Joseph Francis chief of CLAAS on his mobile phone around 10:30 PM, he said that Tahir Bashir is the attorney to Zafar Bhatti and he is being placed by CLAAS. He claimed that he can prove with document when required.
Earlier CLAAS reported that Ashar Ali s/o Hakam Dad, Muslim by faith (some people believe that he is Ahmadi by faith) victim of the blasphemy case and FIR was registered at PS Sadiqabad under section 295-C. Asgher Ali was confined in Adayla Jail, Rawapindi shot by a police constable appointed for his security. He was immediately taken to the hospital. He was sentenced to death in January, 2014. Yousaf, police constable was appointed for his security; he shot fire within the jail premises. Asgher Ali reportedly wrote a letter claiming to be a prophet and was arrested in 2010. Religious leadership gave a verdict against him that after the prophet Mohammad no one can claim it so he has not right to live. He was convicted and sentenced to death. The new of attack and murder of Zafar Bhatti victim of 295-C imprisoned in Adiala Jail is not correct Zafar Bhatti is safe only Asghar another blasphemy victim who was sentenced to death in January 2014 was gunshot by police constable of Elite Force.
There were rumours that Zafar Bhatti a Christian victim of blasphemy 295-C and Telegraph Act confined in Adiala Jail was gun down by a police constable. Some of reputed national daily reported the same news which is not true. Christian community across the country is deeply saddened on this incident and urged the authorities to assured the life of blasphemy victims in the different jail of the country. Few years back Salam Taseer (Governor Punjab) was gunned down by his security guard and was garlanded by the religious scholars.   
Victim of the blasphemy is punishable to death in Pakistan. Christian right activists in Pakistan have been claiming to revisit this law but certainly there are some right organization pretend but do nothing in practical. Pakistani Christians need education to improve their living standard. Thousands of the children are out of school and drop rate is getting high. This is unfortunate that right activists are wasting their sources and energy in non-productive activities.

Remembering the martyrs’ of All Saint Church Peshawar

By - Shamim Masih
ISLAMABAD: It was sunny morning when I reached in Lahore on 22nd September, 2013; I received the phone call from my friend, he told that All Saints Church Peshawar is under the attack. As soon as I switched on the TV there was breaking news saying there was two suicide attackers struck at the end of the services at All Saints Church Peshawar. It was the deadliest attack that the Christian community
Bishop Azad Marshal in All Saints Church Peshawar
had ever experienced in the history of the country. This attack had left the Christian community shocked and shattered which left 127 people dead and hundreds injured.

After one year Christian community around the country gathered there to offer special prayer and paid tributes to the victims of the twine suicide bombing who had lost their lives at All Saints Church Peshawar.  People are the country gathered to commemorate the first anniversary of the horrible suicide bombings at All Saints Church, Peshawar.
Team PUCM for Candlelight vigil in Rawalpindi church
Bishop Azad Marshal, Bishop of Iran and Gulf went to All Saints Church Peshawar to stand along with the survivors. According to Shahzad Gill the chaplain to Rt. Rev Dr Azad Marshall, there were gathering of 4000 people who joined hands in sharing the body of Christ at All Saints Church, Peshawar. Talking to the gathering Bishop Azad Marshal said that after one year of the incident that pain and agony hangs on; souls have scarred for life but we have hope in Christ. The attack was not on the Christians of the Peshawar but also attack on humanity. We will continue our struggle for a just and equitable Pakistan, he added. He demanded the authorities to ensure the safety and protection of the religious minorities as enshrined in the constitution of Pakistan.
Muslim Christian Forum in Islamabad
Observing the first anniversary of the Peshawar church attack; chairman PUCM Albert David said all political parties are united in the war against terrorism and supportive to promote peace building in the country. Speaking at the Remembrance service followed by the candlelight vigil he said we as PUCM stress for a collective effort to promote the soft image of Pakistan through a peaceful and harmonized co-existence at home. Expressing solidarity with families of the victims, he said that though wounds have healed however the scars remain and remind us of the tragic incident even.
Muslim Christians Unity forum also arranged candle light vigil to pay tribute to the martyrs of the September 22, 2013 bomb blast at the All Saints Church Peshawar. Basharat Khokhar, a social activist said that federal and provincial government made many promises but nothing is being delivered so far. He targeted the Christian leadership and said political leadership is the representative of their political mother parties. They do not represent Christian minority but to their Muslim mother party.       
The small and largely impoverished Christian community suffers discrimination in intolerably Muslim majority Pakistan. And nobody cares about it.  

Monday, 15 September 2014

Minorities have no choice in Pakistan

water in the streets of christian colony in the capital

By – Shamim Masih

ISLAMABAD: Sitting on the top roof of the four stories building in the capital, a man roared that if you uttered a single word from your mouth I will send you directly into the hell. There were four people from three different faiths, Sunni, Shia and a Christian. It can happen only in Pakistan that Sunni Muslim can use rough language about others but they are not ready to listen against themselves, because they are in power. Religion should not be the state’s business; I am sorry, but it’s clear that your religion is not your personal matter. It is the matter for all of us to interfere in, as and when we feel necessary or find a choice.    

The recent attack on
killing in the Peshawar church
the Sikh community of Peshawar and on an Ahmadi community in Gujranwala has given out a clear message to minorities that Pakistan is not for them. Harjeet Singh, 30, was present in his grocery shop in Nothia Bazar of Peshawer, when two unknown assailants on a motorcycle opened fire on him and killed him on the spot.

It’s clear message to all minorities that they don’t have right to practice their religion or sect either or to run their business for their livings. If you did so, you better ready for an army of so called preachers deliberately enforcing a religious polemic argument on you. It makes no difference, how patriotic you feel for Pakistan, you will always stay an American or Zionist agent. Although it is fact, American or Jews least bother about Pakistani Christians. Taliban have already given warning to the people of Chitral valley (heretics) to either convert to Islam or ready to die. Few months back, three Hindu temples were desecrated in Mir Pur Khas district. Earlier this year, in Larkana, the heart of Pakistan Peoples Party, a mob looted a Hindu temple before setting it ablaze. After the attack on Peshawar Church last year, Taliban made it quite clear that the attacks were exactly according to Sharia. Religious extremists looted the houses in Joseph Colony, Lahore before setting it ablaze. Asia Bibi, Sawan Masih and Christian couple (Shagufta Bibi and Shafqat Emmanuel) in Gojra is sentenced to death. And all it started with Christians allegedly framed a blasphemy case.

Killing of Christian family in Gojra including small kids and burning of the 100 years old church in Mardan were some chilling events that can’t be forgotten. Even, the sizable Shia community faces the same fate as other minorities do. Shias are killed on regular basis in the country. People are pulled down from the buses, identified and they are mercilessly massacred.
It’s again pathetic when we see that neither Pakistani Christian organizations like CLAAS etc or international community step forward to protect Christian rights. Some so called social activists are active for their vested interest on the name of protecting Pakistani Christians.  Sorry to say, but this is not a country for minorities, you better leave. But how come, it is possible neither European nor other Christian countries welcome Pakistani Christians. We are left here to suffer and suffer no bright future for children but stiff environment around.